We design high quality products your customers will love


New Zealand’s premier electronic product design & development firm

We provide innovative electronic and software product design and development, consulting and manufacturing services that significantly contribute to your sustainability and achievement of your business goals through our “Design Your Profit” philosophy.


This means we enable you to quickly realise value and profits from the clever products that we create for you.


When you are looking for product development, we are truly the “Electronic Partners” of choice.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Electronic Partners has been providing Electronic Engineering and Software Development services since 2002.

We are specialists in the design and development of customised electronic products, embedded software, IT and IoT solutions, and mobile applications. We serve clients world-wide across several industries, such as engineering, transportation, marine, agriculture, construction, healthcare, hospitality, etc.


Our Vision is to be your Trusted partner for Value-Added Offerings in Electronics and Software.

“We have been dealing with ELEX for more than 10 years in the development, design, and manufacturing of our electronic components. We have had nothing but professional service from everyone within their organisation.


Over the years we have redeveloped existing products and introduced new products and they have always been eager to help and bring fresh recommendations to the design table when required. We recommend ELEX without hesitation to anyone needing electronic advice or services.”


SAYR Ventilation (a subsidiary of Switched On Energy Ltd.)



Our engineers have vast cross-domain expertise and experience in microcontrollers, embedded software, sensors, connected systems, loT, internet and mobile applications and among them have a collective experience of more than 100+ years in this space. We also have vast experience in successfully managing technology projects.



We offer you the ability to take your project from a conceptual idea into reality. We design your product, produce prototypes, manufacture, test and support you through field testing and test marketing before embarking on large scale production. We ensure that our designs are cost effective, reliable, and easy to manufacture and transport.



We strive to understand your business and value drivers and design your solution with transparency and predictability around factors such as scope, budgets, timeframe, and quality. We also ensure that the experience you go through during your journey with us is pleasant, satisfying and value adding.

We are an “Approved Research Provider”, enabling you to qualify for IRD NZ tax incentives.

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