End-User Solutions

Our services range from design through to production and finally to usage

Asset Loss Prevention

Track, locate and monitor usage of your hand tools and movable assets with ease using Electronic Partner’s ELEXTrace Smart Tools Board. Reduce asset replacement costs and raise your team’s productivity through the ELEXTrace proprietary wireless operation, simple reconfigurability, and a user-friendly asset tracking dashboard.


Eliminate costs from losses or misplacements of your assets​


Optimise your assets by monitoring use on user-friendly dashboards


Reconfigure the system easily and quickly for multiple asset types​


Easy install and use mechanism leads to immediate team adoption​


Asset usage feedback helps to reduce downtime from maintenance​


Complete wireless and paperless operation ensures ease of use​​


Personal Safety Solution

Feel safe, secure, and connected with our Personal Safety solution.


Whether you are working or staying alone, travelling or trekking, in the event of any trouble, help need not be far away. Use our Comprehensive Personal Safety Solution and feel at ease, relaxed, and protected. Based on your requirements, we will custom build a Safety Solution that is made to meet your specific needs and is just right for you.


With a variety of components, such as smart watches, pendants, NFC cards, an App etc. our Safety Solution provides several features such as discrete activation, fall detection, periodic check-ins, real-time location, and live streaming video.

Conference Delegates Attendance Recording

Record and monitor attendance with ELEXA, our attendance recording product for use in events and conferences.


ELEXA provides an authentic record of attendance for your delegates to claim education credits and maintain their professional status as required by many professional institutions. You can also use the collected data for soliciting feedback and evaluating the quality of the conference sessions.


ELEXA works by indicating the presence of delegates through electronic readers positioned at strategic locations. Delegates issued with a smart name badge are recognised unobtrusively by the readers to identify and notify their presence at specific locations.


ELEXA can also be used for recording and monitoring attendance in offices, factories, school, and university classrooms.

Digital Signage

Get your message across to your audience with ELEXSign, our Digital Signage solution for individuals and small businesses.


Increase your sales with an attention-grabbing digital signage at the right place on your premises. Display special promotions and deals at the right time. Enrich your customer’s experience by taking away their “feeling of waiting” while they wait for service.


ELEXSign consists of a portal to create and manage content, and a physical display controller for downloading and displaying content on screens as per a user defined display schedule. Based on your requirements, we will custom configure a Digital Signage solution using the rich set of features of ELEXSign, such as multiple content types, playlists management, on demand content display, remote control of the display etc.

Environment Monitoring

Introducing ELEXSense for healthy living.


Boost your productivity using ELEXSense, our indoor environment monitoring service.


Indoor air with high amounts of carbon-dioxide and volatile organic compounds lowers concentration and causes drowsiness. Using ELEXSense, environment health indicators such as temperature, humidity, air quality etc. can be measured and corrective actions initiated.


Based on your requirements, we will factory fit the appropriate sensors and deliver ELEXSense with installation instructions. When the device is powered on and connected to the internet, measurements will commence flowing and get recorded. It may also be possible to configure ELEXSense to trigger certain actions based on the measurements.

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