Product Creation

We serve you at every stage of your product development journey

Electronic Product Design And Support

New Product Design
With many years of experience in delivering great business value through our designs, we are in the best position to be your end-to-end trusted partner. We assess your idea and work with you to determine its technical and financial feasibility, so that you can make an informed Go/No Go decision.


After a “Go” decision, we develop the requirements for a minimum viable product in consultation with you, and closely work with you from design through to prototyping, testing and production readiness. One major objective of our design is to minimise the cost of producing and transporting the end product and our engineers always keep this in mind while working on your design. To ensure that the project is managed well, we establish a governance framework based on which, we involve you and keep you continuously informed of progress and achievements. We put in place mitigation and contingency actions for all identified high severity risks.

Electronic Product Re-Design And Certification Support

Product Re-Design
When your flagship product has reached its end of life and production costs have gone up due to obsolescence of parts, it is time to move to the next generation. We have experience in reengineering old designs and modernising them.


Product Certification
Most countries have laws and regulations that govern the sale and usage of electronic products in their markets. We provide advice on the applicable laws and regulations and undertake to get your product certified for Electromagnetic compatibility and other compliance requirements by authorised laboratories. This may involve hardware and firmware modifications based on a pre-compliance test, which is carried out before the final approval testing.


At appropriate stages in our design process, EMC requirements are considered and built into the design. Our prototypes are subjected to a pre-compliance test, the results of which are used for preparing the product for the final test in a designated laboratory.

Troubleshooting And Repair

Imagine discarding your product even before its life-time. It will result in an erosion of the ROI in your product development. Sometimes inadvertent design errors make products fail in the field. Bring us anyone’s design. We will fix it for you.


Our procedure consists of the following;


1. Understand Problem
2. Reproduce the Problem
3. Determine Root Cause
4. Repair and Test
5. Volume Repair and Test

Manufacturing And Testing

As an experienced end to end service provider in the electronic industry, we produce, test and deliver PCB assemblies. We also undertake complete box assemblies.


• In-house low volume production
• Manufacturing partners engaged for high volume production
• Minimum order quantity – just 1 unit
• Rapid turnaround time
• Serial numbering
• Updating production and traceability records
• Software loading
• Testing and quality control
• Product (box) assembly
• Packaging and delivery

Internet And Mobile Apps Development

We offer end to end development and implementation services for PC, Cloud and Mobile applications on major platforms using widely used technologies. Our services range from initial concept through release and deployment to maintenance and support.


Our App development services forms an integral part of an electronics project that requires not only hardware and firmware, but also cloud based apps to manage and store data and front-end mobile apps to serve as user interfaces.

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